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Read why Reynold Porter Chamberlain LLP chose KnowAll Matrix to improve how they manage their legal information resources ...

RPC is a leading international law firm made up of 110 partners and 750 people offering legal advice to a range of sectors including Tech, Retail and Insurance. Headquartered in London, RPC also has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bristol. RPC is a member of TerraLex, the worldwide network of independent law firms.

“KnowAll Matrix is designed specifically for legal information teams and the functionality is created with legal information in mind.”

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Jenny Anderson
Knowledge, Research & Information Manager

Why did you choose KnowAll Matrix?

KnowAll is designed by a former Law Librarian who has an in-depth understanding of the way law firms operate.  This experience has resulted in a system which provides the functionality essential to effectively manage a firm’s resources.  It is cloud based, intuitive and requires little training.  Moreover it is constantly being updated and improved to reflect the changing nature of client’s requirements.  Competitive pricing and the willingness of Bailey Solutions to work with us to help us achieve our goals also contributed to our decision

What problems were you having that prompted you to change library system?

Our previous library management system was expensive and not designed for the needs of a modern law firm.  The complexity of the system made it difficult for new team members to understand and as a result it was not being used to full effect.  We also required a more timely response to support queries.

Would you recommend KnowAll Matrix?

Yes, without hesitation.  The Bailey Solutions team went above and beyond to ensure a smooth migration of our data from our previous system to KnowAll Matrix.  The attention to detail in the project management and transition phases was impressive. The system is effective, user-friendly and professional looking and can easily be configured to meet the exact needs of any specific organisation. The support team are incredibly responsive and there is a real sense of the team wanting us to get the most from the system.

How has KnowAll Matrix helped you in your job?

Whilst we are still in the very early days of using KnowAll Matrix, we are already seeing vast improvements over our previous system.  Cataloguing is very quick and intuitive and links to online resources can easily be added.  We are also intending to us the finance module to manage and monitor our resources budget.  From the user’s perspective, the display of search results is visually appealing with images of texts showing alongside the title.  We are intending to promote KnowAll Matrix as part of a wider promotion of our services and to make the resources that the firm subscribes to far more easily accessible.

What would you say to someone considering subscribing to a software product from Bailey Solutions?

The support we have received from Bailey Solutions has been exceptional at every step during the process, from the planning stages, through data mapping, conversation and implementation.   The team are friendly, approachable, highly knowledgeable and responsive.  The system has met all our needs and Bailey Solutions are very open to suggestions for ongoing developments.

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain logo
Jenny Anderson
Knowledge, Research & Information Manager

What does our software look like for users?

KnowAll Matrix makes it easy for your users to find resources whether they are searching for a specific resource or they are discovering what’s available in your collection. 

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