Newland-HR22 Dorada II Barcode Scanner

£90.00 excl. VAT


The HR22 Dorada II is specifically developed to provide a cost-effective scanning solution that allows customers to enjoy the capabilities of a 2D scanner for a price that the market had previously expected of 1D-only scanners.

NEAT DESIGN: The handheld scanner has a clean design that is not out of place on a countertop. The adjustable stand, as well as saving space and keeping your workplace clutter-free, is attractive enough to sit alongside POS equipment in a customer facing environment.

AIMING AT THE RIGHT CODE. The HR22 Dorada II now uses white illumination so the red LED aimers can be even more clearly seen. It adds an extra level of confidence to the user.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. The HR22 Dorada II has a more than suitable IP42 rating for its key applications and is drop resistant up to 1.5m. Its durablehousing guarantees optimal protection so falls from desktops and countertops are no issue.

CPU DECODING FOR MORE CODES AND MORE CONTROL. The Dorada II now uses Newland CPU processor decoding. The benefits of CPU-based decoding include improved configurations for data handling, as well as retaining additional flexibility to add more barcode symbologies.

HANDSFREE SCANNING. The handheld scanner is autosense ready, meaning it can switch from trigger press to handsfree by docking the scanner in the adjustable stand.


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